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The secret art of living

The art of living for great travelers, lovers of good taste, those who feel a passion for discovering urban sanctuaries, and seek personalized service with a distinct name, feeling the closeness of Spanish character in every gesture.

Immerse yourself in the Barrio de las Letras

In the heart of the most vibrant Madrid lies the place where history meets the present. The iconic Gran Hotel Inglés, the oldest hotel in the capital, reinvents itself with the original architectural splendor combined with a design that stops time. An icon of luxury, sophistication, and warmth in the heart of the Barrio de las Letras.

Granada, dreamy land

Granada is spirit, inspiration, poetry, and romance. Just a stone’s throw away from the historical monuments of the city and in the heart of Plaza de la Trinidad, Seda Club Hotel embodies bespoke luxury, allowing its visitors to experience the magic of the city amid silks, velvets, viewpoints, and clandestine bars inspired by the silk road.

The Mediterranean Dream

A hotel with the stately nobility of the Gothic mansion that belonged to the descendants of the first Counts of Barcelona, the Boixadors. Located in the medieval heart of one of the most elegant cities in Europe, it is an elegant oasis of peace behind the iconic cathedral and a two-minute walk from the commercial and gastronomic heart of the city.

La dolce vita

Samaritana Suites emerges amidst secret alleys, whispers of stories, and Mediterranean experiences in cafes where life flows. With the independence of a private stay and just twenty meters from Posada Terra Santa hotel. Mediterranean apartments designed to experience the city in an environment that seems created for a movie scene.

Courtyards and Fountains of Seville

At the heart of Seville, the union of two Sevillian houses from the early 1900s gives birth to Hotel Gravina 51. An iconic palace house, in honor of Admiral Federico Gravina of the Spanish Navy, exuding pure Sevillian essence. Courtyards, fountains, and terraces shape this oasis of magic and tranquility in the city center, where the most distinguished travelers and those seeking to go unnoticed enjoy the secret art of living in Seville.

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