Much More Than Staying at a Hidden

Hidden Plans

Wake up in what was once home to aristocrats, poets, or playwrights, wander through streets and squares, flow with the bustle of tapas bars. Discover the enveloping peace of elegant cities steeped in history. Dream, feel, disconnect, have fun finding the most captivating areas of the city that are still unknown to many

Hidden Away in Granada

Granada is enchantment, inspiration, poetry, and romance. It’s going from sliding on the snow of Sierra Nevada to swimming on its tropical coast. Granada is flamenco art, land of kings, it’s the Alhambra, it’s tapas, it’s gastronomy, and passion.

Hidden Away in Madrid

Madrid is improvising a coffee in Plaza del Ángel, watching lively discussions of well-known actors sharing laughter. It’s strolling next to the Golden Age buildings where Cervantes or Lope de Vega lived. It’s listening to jazz at Café Central. It’s tapas, vermouth, or savoring Michelin stars. Madrid is flamenco, night, football, art, and culture in the purest Spanish style.

Hidden Away in Mallorca

Discover the art of Mediterranean life as one of its own, its best-kept secrets. Uncover its rhythms: the best walks that whisper secrets of history, tapas time, seaside terraces, unforgettable nights, the silence of the Mallorcan countryside, its Roman and medieval villages, its wineries, its mountains, its calm turquoise waters, or the rugged cliffs of the North coast.

Hidden Away in Seville

Seville has a special color, moving from dazzling monuments, squares, and avenues to the spell of private courtyards and fountains with the scent of orange blossom and jasmine… It’s getting lost in the Triana or Santa Cruz neighborhood and discovering flamenco art on every corner. Seville is tapas, fair, gastronomy, it is religion and passion. It is pure joy of living for everyone at any time of the day.