We are looking for Hidden Talents

We are looking to bring hidden talents to light, individuals with the potential and motivation needed to become outstanding professionals.

Hidden Management

Our Hidden Management program is specially designed for middle management and leadership roles. It’s a program of at least 6 months, where you will undergo cross-training in various operational departments and conclude your internship in the management department.

Specialization Program

If you are very clear that your calling is in a specific department, the specialization program is designed for you. It is a practical training program of at least 3 months, where you can develop as a professional and put into practice all the knowledge learned in a single department. You can do internships in F&B, both in the dining room and in the kitchen, in Front Office, or Housekeeping. You can also do your internships in corporate offices.

Descubre Program

Yes, on the other hand, if you’re not yet sure about the direction you want to take in your professional career, we propose the “Descubre Program,” where you will go through different hotel departments. You’ll have the opportunity to have the department heads explain the operations, and in the end, you can decide in which department you want to do your 3-month internship.

Hidden Quarry

Once you complete your internship with us, if the evaluation is positive, you will become part of our talent pool for job vacancies that we may have available at that time or in the future.